Chairman: Marguerite Rinaudo

Nadia El Kissi & Julius Vancso

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Monday – June 16, 2014 Congress House - Main room
8:00 am Registration in Congress House Hall
8:20 am Opening Remarks
G. Berry, J.F. Gérard, N. El-Kissi
Invited lectures Main room - Chairman: J. Vancso
8:30 am L1 - Nanoparticle solutions as adhesives for gels and for organ repair
Ludwik Leibler, École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles, Paris, France
9:00 am L2 - Adhesion on rough or low energy surfaces: the role of viscoelasticity
Anke Lindner, École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles, Paris, France
9:30 am L3 - Functionalized Native Nanocellulose
Olli Ikkala, University, Department of Applied Physics, Aalto, Espoo, Finland
10:00 am Discussion
10:45 am Refreshment Pause
Contributed Lectures: Topic 5 Contributed Lectures: Topic 1
Main room - Chairman: W. Reed Second floor room - Chairman: M. Cloitre
11:15 am O1 - Fabrication, characterization and latent heat thermal energy storage properties of encapsulated polystyrene/palmitic acid micro/nano capsules
C. Alkan, A. Sarı, D. Kahraman, A. Biçer, A. Altıntaş, A.N. Özcan, C. Kızıl, C.Bilgin
11:30 am O2 - Electrostatic Interaction of the Alzheimer’s Amyloid β (1-42) Peptide with Short Single Stranded Synthetic Nucleotide Sequences Affects the Fibril Structure
J. Abraham, D. Kedracki, C. Gourmel, P. Maroni, C. Vebert-Nardin
11:45 am O3 - Self-Assembly of Poly(Styrene-co-Maleic Anhydride) into Patterned Films and Nanoparticles
P. Samyn
12:00  O4 - The collective dynamics in block copolymer micelles at equilibrium
G. Landazuri, M. Bravo, J.F.A. Soltero, Y. Rharbi
12:15 pm O5 - Emerging Interphases in Poly(n-Butylacrylate)/Polystyrene Core-Shell Nanoparticles Obtained via Semicontinous Miniemulsion Polymerization
S. Bonetti, M. Farina, M. Mauri, I. Andreosso, R. Simonutti
11:15 am O6 - Use alkali-lignin as a compatibiliser in cellulose nanofibrls/ poly (lactic acid) composite
X. Wang, L.P. Zhang
11:30 am O7 - RAFT polymerisation of a lignin derived monomer
H. Willcock, J. Belbin, N. De Rybel, M. Ahmed, A.J. Clark, R. K. O’Reilly
11:45 am O8 - Characterization of Acidified Chitosan Entrapped in Epoxidized Natural Rubber
G. Raju, M.R.H.Mas Haris
12:00  O9 - Influence of molar mass and concentration on the thermogelation of methylcelluloses
P. Nasatto, F. Pignon, J.L. Silveira, M.E. Duarte Noseda, M.D. Noseda, M. Rinaudo
12:15 pm O10 - The Effects of Nanoclays on Thermal Degradation of Polylactide via Direct Pyrolysis Mass Spectrometry
E. Ozdemir, B. Ozkan, J. Hacaloglu
12:30 - 2:00 pm Lunch time (Poster setup in Eurotel Hall)
Monday – June 16, 2014 Congress House - Main room
Invited lectures Main room - Chairman: O. Ikkala
2:00 pm L4 - Plant oils: The perfect renewable resource for polymer science ?!
Michael A. R. Meier, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Institute of Organic Chemistry, Karlsruhe, Germany
2:30 pm L5 - Bio-based PBS, an application of the biorefinery concept
Anthony Brésin, ARD, Pomacle (France)
3:00 pm L6 - Surface modification of polysaccharides: from theory to practice
Mohamed Naceur Belgacem, Laboratoire de Génie des Procédés Papetiers (LGP2), Grenoble INP-Pagora, Saint Martin d'hères (France)
3:30 pm Discussion
4:15 pm Refreshment Pause
Contributed Lectures: Topic 5 Contributed Lectures: Topic 1
Main room - Chairman: H.N. Cheng Second floor room - Chairman: W. De Groot
4:45 pm O11 - Interfacial structure of entangled polymer brushes under shear
A. Korolkovas, P. Gutfreund, M. Wolff, F. Adlmann, J.-L.Barrat
5:00 pm O12 - Controlled Self-Assembly of Hydrophobic-Cationic Polymers leading to Waterborne Antimicrobial Nanogels
S. Chattopadhyay, E. Heine, H. Keul, M. Möller
5:15 pm O13 - One-pot Synthesis of Responsive Polymer Nanoparticles
H. Willcock, E. Chapman, I. Collins, R. K. O’Reilly
5:30 pm O14 - Hydrophobic dopant-enhanced and polymer-suppressed supramicellar assemblies
Z. Zhu, W. F. Reed
4:45 pm O15 - Chlorite-based pretreatments of cellulosic samples prior to SEC analysis
A.L. Dupont, O. Bénaud , G. Mortha
5:00 pm O16 - Oxygen Transport in Poly(ethylene furanoate) Characterized via Permeation and Pressure-Decay Sorption Methods
S. K. Burgess, R. M. Kriegel, W. J. Koros
5:15 pm O17 - Copolymers of Polylactide via Direct Pyrolysis Mass Spectrometry
T.O. Lekesiz, B. Ozkan, J. Hacaloglu
5:30 pm O18 - Advances in Viscoelastic Behaviour Characterization Using Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
A. Gregorova, F. Stelzer
5:45 pm O19 - Synthesis and characterization of a modified chitosan grafted nanoclay
L. Solhi, M. Atai, M. Imani, A. Nodehi
6:00 pm Poster Exhibits and Together Reception in Eurotel Hall
7:30 pm Dinner time
Tuesday – June 17, 2014 Congress House - Main room
Invited lectures Main room - Chairman: G. Berry
8:30 am L7- Label-free biomolecular interaction analysis and equilibrium-fluctuation-based single-molecule studies of cell-membrane mimics
Fredrik Höök, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg (Sweden)
9:00 am L8 - Fluorescence Imaging of Single Amphiphilic Polymer-Coated Organic and Inorganic Nanoparticles,
Nikodem Tomczak, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, A*STAR Singapore. MESA+ lecture
9:30 am L9 - Polymer biofouling in sea water
G. Julius Vancso, University of Twente, MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology (The Netherlands) and Institute for Chemical and Engineering Science, A*STAR, Singapore
10:00 am Discussion and information on the next ISPAC meeting
10:45 am Refreshment Pause
Contributed Lectures: Topic 2 Contributed Lectures: Topic 1
Main room- Chairman: H. Pasch Second floor room - Chairman: M. Meier
11:15 am O20 - WAXS/SAXS/USAXS investigation of orientation induced by deformation in semi-crystalline polymers
S. Desvergne, P. Panine, M. Fernandez-Martinez, F. Bossan, Y. Men, Y. Wang
11:30 am O21 - Separation of Polyolefin Copolymers by Crystallization and Adsorption techniques. Discussion on the separation mechanism on an atomic level flat surface adsorbent
B. Monrabal
11:45 am O22 - Biohybrid glycopolymers and chimeric polysaccharides capable of ionotropic gelation
A. Wolnik, A. Ghadban, E. Renaud, L. Dumas, F. Dubreuil, F. Pignon, M. Rinaudo, L. Albertin
12:00  O23 - Molecular Structure of Linear Low Density Polyethylene
J.C.J.F. Tacx, B.A.H. van den Esschert, S.Kok
12:15 pm O24 - Characterization of artificially aged polyethylene
C. Schwarzinger, I. Hintersteiner, B. Schwarzinger, B. Moser, W. Buchberger
11:15 am O25 - Synthesis and Characterisation of a Poly(L-lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) Copolymer Using a Novel Tin(II) Alkoxide Initiator for Potential Use as an Absorbable Monofilament Surgical Suture
S. Ruengdechawiwat, J. Siripitayananon, R. Somsunan, R. Molloy, P.D. Topham, B.J. Tighe
11:30 am O26 - Development and Characterization of Polyurethane Coatings for Enhanced Anti-Corrosive Properties
Praveen Kumar G., KVRS Murthy, K. K. Murthy
11:45 am O27 - Nanoscale characterization of organic semiconductors using x-ray spectromicroscopy
P. Warnicke, N. Pilet, B. Watts, R. Fink, C. Quitmann, J. Raabe
12:00  O28 - RheoRaman monitoring of acid acrylic polymerization
D. Chapron, M.-C. Chevrel, N. Brun, E. Dropsit, S. Hoppe, D. Meimaroglou, L. Falk, P. Bourson, A. Durand
12:15 pm O29 - Xe NMR Studies of Pecan Shell-Based Biochar and Structure-Process Correlations
M. Mauri, R. Simonutti, G. Patriarca, K. Thomas Klasson, H. N. Cheng
12:30 - 2:00 pm Lunch time
Tuesday – June 17, 2014 Congress House - Main room
Invited lectures Main room - Chairman: J.F. Gérard
2:00 pm L10 - Why measuring and understanding the comonomer distribution is so important for the polyethylene industry
Jesus Nieto, The Dow Chemical Company (Spain). Ingenia Lecture
2:30 pm L11 - Characterization of self assembled polymer systems by scattering techniques: light, x-ray and neutron scattering
Petr Stepanek, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Academy of Sciences,Prague, Czech Republic
3:00 pm L12 - Multidimensional Analysis of the Complex Composition of Impact Polypropylene Copolymers: Combination of TREF, SEC-FTIR-HPer DSC, and High Temperature 2D-LC
Harald Pasch, Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science, University of Stellenbosch, 7602 Matieland, South Africa
3:30 pm Discussion
4:15 pm Refreshment Pause
Contributed Lectures: Topic 2 Contributed Lectures: Topic 3
Main room - Chairwoman: J. Duchet Second floor room - Chairwoman: A. Lindner
4:45 pm O30 - How to characterize a vinylmelamine-ethylene-copolymer? Results and new issues
M. List, C. Schwarzinger
5:00 pm O31 - Kinetic study of the crystallization of LLDPE and wax in LLDPE/wax phase-change blends used for thermal energy storage
T.P. Gumede, A.S. Luyt, A.J. Müller
5:15 pm O32 - Crystallization monitoring of PVDF α-phase and β-phase by Raman spectroscopy and DSC analysis
M. Veitmann, D. Chapron, P. Bourson, S. Bizet, S. Devisme, J. Guilment
5:30 pm O33 - Mesophase Formation in Propylene-co-1-Octene Copolymers Studied by Fast and Conventional DSC Techniques
J. Arranz-Andrés, R. Parrilla1, M.L. Cerrada, E. Pérez
5:45 pm O34 - Characterization and properties of novel blends composed of nitrile butadiene rubber and in-situ synthesized thermoplastic polyurethane-urea
M. Tahir, K. W. Stöckelhuber, N. Mahmood, G. Heinrich
4:45 pm O35 - Nano-Handling of Individual Dendronized Polymers by Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy
L. Grebikova, P. Maroni, B. Zhang1 A.D. Schlüter1, M. Borkovec
5:00 pm O36 - Characterization of diffusion processes in PVC films used in medical devices by coupling AFM to spectroscopy
H. Alsalloum, J. Saunier, A. Dazzi, A. Tfayli, N. Yagoubi
5:15 pm O37 - Several TD-NMR methods for polymer characterization
M. Farina, M. K. Dibbanti, M.Mauri, R.Simonutti
5:30 pm O38 - Characteristics of each Bonded Layer of a Polymer-Based Magnetic Tape using Rule-of-Mixtures and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
B. L. Weick
6:00 pm Poster Exhibits in Eurotel Hall
7:30 pm Conference Banquet at Eurotel
Wednesday – June 18, 2014 Congress House - Main room
Invited lectures Main room - Chairman: P. Kratochvil
8:30 am L13 - Ionic Liquids : new multifunctional agents for designing nanostructured polymers
Jean-Francois Gérard, INSA Lyon, F-69621 Villeurbanne, France
9:00 am L14 - Ionic Liquids as Polymer Solvents: Polyelectrolytes, Polyzwitterions, Proteins, and Poly(amino acid)s
David Hoagland, Polymer Science and Engineering Department, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, Massachusetts, 01003 USA
9:30 am Discussion
10:15 am Refreshment Pause
Contributed Lectures: Topics 4 & 2 Contributed Lectures: Topic 5
Main room - D. Hoagland Second floor room - Chairman: N. Tomczak
10:45 am O39 - Doping polymer electrolyte membranes with ionic liquids: from the microstructure to advanced functional properties
S. Lyonnard, R. Sood, C. Iojoiu, H. Mendil-Jakani, G. Gebel
11:00 am O40 - Preparation PBI composites of Fe3O4 and NiFe2O4 nanoparticule with ionic liquid and electrical conductivity
E.Yılmaz, H.Dinc, I. Ozaytekin
11:15 am O41 - Deep eutectic ionic liquids as epoxy resin curing catalysts
H. Mąka, T. Spychaj, W. Sikorski
11:30 am O42 - Compatibilization of polypropylene/polyamide 6 blends using an ionic liquids/nanotalc combination
M. Yousfi, S. Livi, J. Duchet-Rumeau
11:45 am O43 - Thermodynamic study of Blends of Poly(4-vinylphenol) / Poly(vinylmethylketone) using Inverse Gas Chromatography
Z. Benabdelghani, H.Bourara, A.Etxeberria
12:00  O44 - Influence of isomeric monomers on the fragmentation of polymers
J. Beer, K. Rode, W. Radke
12:15 pm O45 - Morphology and rheology of binary blend of polypropylene and polyamide6: influence of multiwall carbon nanotubes
A. R. Bhattacharyya, N. Mukhopadhyay, A. S. Panwar, P. Pötschke
10:45 am O46 - Processable Crosslinked Epoxidized Natural Rubber
L. Imbernon, E. K. Oikonomou, S. Norvez
11:00 am O47 - Water Soluble Multiarm Polyethylene glycol-Betulinic acid Prodrugs-Design, Synthesis, and in Vitro Effectiveness
L. Dai, J. He, J. D. Lei
11:15 am O48 - Microstructural analysis of electrospun thermoplastic polyurethane nanofibers during heating
D. Alhazov and E. Zussman
11:30 am O49 - Solvent effect on fabrication of PVP/PBI and PS/PBI nanofibers
H. Dinc, B. Buyukbekar, M.S. Yavuz, I. Ozaytekin
11:45 am O50 - Characterization of Polyalkylacrylate and Polyalkylmethacrylate Polymers Produced by Using ATRP Method
D.Kahraman Döğüşcü, C. Alkan
12:00  O51 - Rheological properties and self-healing kinetics of supramolecular polymer network
T. Yan, K. Schröter, F. Herbst, W. Binder, T. Thurn-Albrecht
12:30 In the Main room: Concluding remarks / Lunch time