Chairman: A. Willem deGroot

Co-Chairs: Jimmy Mays, HN Cheng, Rafael Verduzco, Pat Brant

Characterization of Polyolefins

Joao Soares  (Dow Chemical Invited Lecture) - University of Alberta

Contributions of polyolefin characterization techniques to polymer catalysis development and reaction engineering

Benjamin Monrabal - Polymer Char Spain

Characterization of complex polyolefins by cross-fractionation techniques

Scott Milner - Penn State University

Flow-induced crystallization and nucleation in isotactic polypropylenes

Characterization of Biopolymers

Lloyd Smith - Wisconsin

A New Frontier in Proteomics: Identifying Proteoforms and Elucidating Proteoform Families from Measurements of Intact Mass and Lysine Count

Dan Savin - University of Florida

Self-assembly and Responsiveness of Polypeptide-based Star and Triblock Copolymers: Design, Characterization and Function

Petra Mischnick - TU Braunschweig

Analysis of the Substituent Distribution in Cellulose Ethers

Characterization of Polymers Using Scattering Techniques

Ron Jones (Chevron Phillips Invited Lecture) - NIST

Probing Semi-crystalline and Amorphous Structure in Polymer Systems using Neutron Scattering, Neutron Imaging and Neutron Spectroscopy

Alexander Hexemer - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

In situ Thin Film processing characterization using X-rays

Gila Stein - University of Houston

Characterizing Block Copolymer Thin Films with Grazing-Incidence Small Angle X-ray Scattering

Characterization of Polymers using Spectroscopy and Microscopy

Roberto Simonutti - Univ. of Milan Bicocca

Understanding the inner morphology of polymeric nanoparticles: expect the unexpected

Greg Meyers - Dow Chemical Company

Nanoscale Molecular Imaging in Polymer Systems

Rigoberto Advincula - Case Western Reserve University

FT-IR Imaging Advances in Polymer Characterization

Alexei Sokolov - University of Tennessee

An interfacial layer - the key to properties of polymer nanocomposites

Polymer Surface and Interface Characterization

    Mahesh Mahanthappa (ExxonMobil Invited Lecture) - University of Wisconsin

Block Copolymer Bottlebrushes: New Routes to Ever Smaller Microdomain Sizes
Ned Thomas - Rice University
Microstructured Polymers

    Chris Ellison - University of Texas

Manipulating Polymers with Light Activated Interfacial Chemistries