How to get to the venue of ISPAC 2019.

The venue is close to the city of Sendai.

JR Sendai station -> Venue

There will be a charter bus service from the JR Sendai station to the venue: Active Resorts MIYAGI ZAO.


Abroad -> Sendai International Airport

If you come from abroad and land on one of the airports in Japan then take a connecting flight to Sendai International Airport.

Alternatively, it is possible to take a connecting flight from either Seoul or Taipei to the Sendai International Airport


Airports -> JR Sendai Station

There is a direct train connection from Sendai International Airport to JR Sendai Station.

If you land at the Haneda airport, you could take trains from Haneda to Sendai by the high-speed train, Shinkansen, the "bullet train".

From Tokyo station to JR Sendai station, it takes about 1.5 hours (with Shinkansen) and one needs additional 1 hour from Haneda to Tokyo station.

Details of how to get to Haneda to JR Sendai station by train will be prepared soon.