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Como, Italy
, June 6 - June 9, 2021
Teatro Sociale, Como



Prof. Harald Pasch is Short course speaker of ISPAC 2020.

Harald Pasch

Separations techniques

             University of Stellenbosch

South Africa

Prof. Edwin L. (Ned) Thomas is invited speaker of ISPAC 2020.

Edwin L. (Ned) Thomas

Electron microscopy

Rice University



Prof. G. Julis Vancso is Scientific Co-Chair of ISPAC 2020.

G. Julius Vancso

AFM  and quantitative nanomechanics

University of Twente

The Netherlands

Prof. Yeng Ming Lam is invited speaker of ISPAC 2020.

Yeng Ming Lam

SAXS and WAXS (to be confirmed)

Nanyang Technological University