General Description

The International Symposium on Polymer Analysis and Characterization (ISPAC) is a non-profit scientific organization whose purpose is to provide an international forum for the presentation of recent advances in the field of polymer analysis and characterization methodologies. As such, the meeting needs a good representation of scientists of all ages and stages of their careers in order to bring a good balance of energy and experience to the meeting and to ensure an ample supply of younger talent in the profession.  In view of the cost of attending conferences, it is desirable for ISPAC to establish a Travel Award program to support the attendance of selected graduate students and postdocs to attend the ISPAC.  The Governing Board of ISPAC has decided to offer 3 travel awards to selected graduate students and/or postdocs.  Each recipient will get a free registration plus $500 in travel support

Travel Award Rules

Deadlines for Receipt of Travel Award Applications is 30 April 2022. All award applicants will be notified by email of their award status by 10 May 2022.
The amount of each award: Free ISPAC registration and $500 in travel support
Criteria for applicants: 

  •    Each applicant must submit an abstract, a short one-page CV and fill in the application form provided on the website below. 
  •    The applicant must be a graduate student in good standing or postdoctoral fellow within five years after receiving the doctoral degree.

A judging panel will be appointed by the ISPAC Chair to evaluate the applicants and decide on the awardees. The scientific quality of the abstract, match with the conference theme, and the academic quality of the candidate will be considered.
After the receipt of the award, each awardee should provide relevant photographs to ISPAC in order for ISPAC to properly publicize the awards.  The awardees will agree to allow ISPAC to use their names and photographs in emails, newsletters, websites and other media, as needed.

If you want to apply for the award, please fill in the application form below. You do not need to register at the moment.