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Dr. Jacques C.J.F.Tacx

Sabic, Global PE Technology, Material Development
Geleen, PO Box 319, 6160 AH Geleen.
The Netherlands.


Technical career

2004-Present. Chief scientist material development of polyethylene in particular LDPE. Experimental
determination (Molecular characterization, spectroscopy, rheology etc.) and prediction using Monte Carlo
models of relations between structure and (rheological) behavior.

1996-04 Groupleader performance properties. Understanding relations monomeric structure – phase
behavior, flame retardancy and electrical properties.

1986-96 Groupleader Molecular Characterization. Revelation of the molecular structure of synthetic
polymers in particlar polyolefins using analytical and preparative methods: SEC-MALLS-DV, TREF, direct
extraction and cross fractionation. Structure - property relationships of polyolefins.

1982-86 PhD Microstructural investigation of copolymers : a key in revealing relations between
polymerization conditions and polymer properties. Promoters Prof. A.German (Eindhoven University of
Technology) and Prof. G.Glockner (University of Dresden).