How to get to the venue of ISPAC 2019.

Abroad -> Sendai International Airport

If you come from abroad and land on one of the airports in Japan then take a connecting flight to Sendai International Airport.

Alternatively, it is possible to take a connecting flight from either Seoul or Taipei to the Sendai International Airport


Airports -> JR Sendai Station

There is a direct train connection from Sendai International Airport to JR Sendai Station. To see the detailed schedule of Sendai Access Line between Sendai Airport and JR Sendai Station please go to the page:

If you land at the Haneda airport, you could take trains from Haneda to Sendai by the high-speed train, Shinkansen, the "bullet train".

From Tokyo station to JR Sendai station, it takes about 1.5 hours (with Shinkansen) and one needs additional 1 hour from Haneda to Tokyo station

The venue is close to the city of Sendai.

JR Sendai station -> Venue

There will be a charter bus service from the Sendai Station to the venue.

Please, visit the following page for the detailed arrival transportation Guide from Sendai Station to Active Resorts MIYAGI ZAO:​