ISPAC 2016 Call for abstracts - reminder


Abstract submission deadline is 1 March 2016

Please submit your abstracts online.

Join us for the 29th International Symposium for Polymer Analysis and Characterization (ISPAC 2016) from 12 – 15 June 2016 in the garden city of Singapore. The symposium provides an international forum for the presentation of cutting-edge technologies in the field of polymer analysis and characterization.

We invite you to participate in the short courses, invited talks, oral/poster presentations and company exhibits/talks.

Abstract submission:

Scientific session topics

  • Analysis and characterization of interfaces and interphases

  • The characterization challenge for polymeric and hybrid nanomaterials

  • Characterization of polymer systems for personal care and drug delivery

  • Analysis of combustion/thermal behaviour in polymers and nanocomposites

  • Characterization of biopolymers in food and nutrition

Abstract submission deadline is 1 March 2016

Notification of acceptance will be given on 15 March 2016

For abstract submission instructions and more information, please visit the conference website (

All attendees are invited to submit contributions to the International Journal of Polymer Analysis and Characterization following the journal guidelines. 

Submitted articles which are peer reviewed, recommended and accepted, will appear in regular issues of IJPAC with a remark that the contribution has been presented at ISPAC 2016 in Singapore. 

Please visit the IJPAC site for details.

Short courses:

  • Basic overview of molecular polymer analytics (Prof. Alex Van Herk, ICES, Singapore)
  • NMR characterization of polymers: review and update (Dr. Huai Cheng, U.S. Dept. of Agri., USA)

  • X-ray scattering characterization of polymeric materials (Prof. Mike Toney, SSLS, USA)

  • Electron microscopy of soft materials (Prof. Hiroshi Jinnai, Tohoku University, Japan)

Invited speakers:

Prof. Serge Bourbigot


Prof. Giovanni Camino

Prof. Chi-Ming Chan
(Hong Kong)

Dr. Huai N. Cheng


Prof. Carsten Deibel

Prof. Robert Gilbert

Prof. Hiroshi Jinnai


Prof. Harm-Anton Klok

Prof. Bo Liedberg

Prof. Bjorn Lindman


Dr. Eric Robles

Prof. Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez

Prof. Patrick Spicer


Prof. Lim Chwee Teck

Prof. Mike Toney

Prof. Alexander M. Van Herk





Early registration deadline is 30 April 2016

For registration instructions and more information, please visit the conference website (

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