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Short Course


25th International Symposium on
Polymer Analysis and Characterization

11-13 June 2012

Short Course
Techniques for Polymer Analysis & Characterization
10 June 2012

Rolduc Abbey
Kerkrade, The Netherlands


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  • This symposium dedicated to the analysis and characterization of polymers and polymeric materials will feature the Invited lecture--Discussion format of prior ISPAC Meetings.
  • Each of the lecture sessions will be followed by a discussion period.
  • Poster sessions and discussions will facilitate information exchange on polymer analysis and characterization approaches, techniques, and applications.


The following is an example prior program
6-8 June

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Optional Short Course
5 June 2010

Welcoming Reception

Sunday evening 5 June
7-9 p.m.

Monday morning 6 June

Guy C. Berry, Carnegie Mellon University, USA, ISPAC Chair
Oscar Chiantore, University of Torino, Italy, ISPAC-2011 Chair

Monday morning 6 June
Session 1.

Polymers from renewable sources

Bioplastics in commodity applications: properties-structure correlation
by classical and innovative analytical methods

Mario Malinconico,Inst Chem Technol Polymers–CNR, Naples, Italy

Analytical tools for analyzing long-term properties of renewable polymers and biocomposites
Sigbritt Karlsson, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Session 1 Discussion

Five Contributed Lectures


Monday afternoon 67 June
Session 2.

Assessing polymer stability

Assessing oxidative degradation in polymers: Chemiluminescence and other methods
Norman Billingham, University of Sussex, UK

Photo-induced chemiluminescence as a sensitive probe for polymer photodegradation
Keith Millington, CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering, Belmont, Australia

Session 2 Discussion

Five Contributed Lectures

Poster Session; Wine & Cheese

Tuesday morning 7 June
Session 3.
Molecular characterization

Recent developments and advances in polyolefin characterization
Benjamin Monrabal, Polymer Characterization, Valencia, Spain

2D-LC characterization of branched polymers
Taihyun Chang, Pohang Univ, Rep. Korea

Session 3 Discussion

Six Contributed Lectures


Tuesday afternoon 7 June
Session 4.
Polymers for energy applications

From new materials to a complete device:
The role of characterization techniques in the development of novel polymer solar cells
Chiara Carbonera, Solar Energy Res Center for Non-Conventional Energies, Eni, Italy

Controlled crystallization in semiconducting polymer thin films
Sabine Ludwigs, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Session 4 Discussion

Six Contributed Lectures


Poster Session

Symposium Dinner

Wednesday morning 8 June
Session 5.
Characterization of meso and nano structures

Studies of nanostructured diblock copolymer systems using small-angle scattering
in transmission and grazing incidence geometry
Dorthe Posselt, University of Roskilde, Denmark

Block copolymer vesicles as chemical nanoreactors and molecular release systems:
The characterization challenge

G. Julius Vancso, University of Twenty, The Netherlands

Session 5 Discussion

Six Contributed Lectures

Wednesday afternoon 8 June


Optional Short Course

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Techniques for Polymer Analysis and Characterization

Advances in polymer separation
Harald Pasch, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

Polymer characterization by combined pyrolysis-gaschromatography-mass spectrometry
Hajime Othani, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan

NMR techniques for studying polymer morphology
Roberto Simonutti, University of Milano – Bicocca, Italy

Continuous online polymerization monitoring
Wayne Reed, Tulane University, USA

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