Giovanni CAMINO (Birth: May 2, 1941, Torino, Italy). Nationality: Italian.
Education: MSC in Chemistry, July 1966, University of Torino.

Giovanni Camino graduated in Chemistry in July 1966 at the University of Torino where he was Assistant Professor (1966-1969), researcher with the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (National Research Council, 1969-1987), Associate Professor of Macromolecular Chemistry (1987-2001). Since 2001 he was Full Professor in Industrial Chemistry at the Polythecnic of Torino where he is now Senior Professor. He was President of the Italian Macromolecular Society (1995-1997).

His reasearch interests covered mechanisms and kinetics of polymerisation initially and since 1975, the mechanisms of degradation, stabilisation of polymers with particular reference to mechanisms of polymer combustion and fire retardance with pioneering work on mechanism of intumescence. Prof. Camino's interests also cover ageing of polymer materials and polymer recycling. Since 1998 Prof. Camino is active in the field of preparation and thermal and combustion behaviour of polymer-based nanocomposites. Prof. Camino is author/coauthor of about 300 papers published in international refereed journals and of 8 chapters in books. He is member of the editorial Board of: "Polymer Degradation and Stability", "Fire and Materials", "Journal of Chemical and Biochemical Kinetics",  "Journal of Vinyl and Additive Technology" , “European Polymer Journal” and  “Advances in Polymer Technology”, “Flame Retardancy and Thermal Stability of Materials”, “Nano Advances”