ISPAC is a non-profit scientific organization formedto provide an international forum for the presentation of recent advances in the field of polymer analysis and characterization methodologies. This unique Symposium brings together analytical chemists and polymers scientists involved in the analysis and characterization of polymeric materials. Meetings are held annually, rotating to venues in the USA, Europe and Asia.

ISPAC sessions comprise a three-day program with invited lectures, poster sessions, discussions and information exchange on polymer analysis and characterization approaches, techniques and applications. Invited talks include state-of-the art developments. Each session features lectures and a one-hour open discussion period. The participants typically come from academic, industrial, and government settings and work with different aspects of polymer analysis and characterization approaches, techniques and applications. It will be useful to network with one another, exchanging information and tips about different techniques, and learning about the latest developments.

Lecturers are urged to include introductory material in their presentation to bring participants "up to speed", and are allotted the time to accomplish this. The discussion periods allow for extended interaction among the lecturers and the conference participants.

If your work involve any aspects of polymer characterization, physical testing, materials analysis, or polymers in general, please consider attending this conference. You are welcome to submit a contributed oral paper or a poster. 

Full papers of invited talks and poster presentations are published in the International Journal of Polymer Analysis and Characterization, an ISPAC affiliated journal published by Taylor & Francis. Instructions for authors will be available at the conference.